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The RSpec Book: Beta 3.0

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We’ve released version 3.0 of The RSpec Book beta. It’s got a number of improvements per suggestions submitted by readers, as well as two new chapters.

New Chapter: Evolving Existing Features

This is the next chapter in the Mastermind tutorial, in which we take the reader through the process of developing a command line version of the classic Mastermind game. In this chapter, we explore the problem of driving out changes to existing behaviour with new scenarios and code examples, all the while keeping the old code examples passing.

New Chapter: The Case for BDD

As the title suggests, this chapter lays out the case for Behaviour Driven Development as an over-arching methodology. You’ll read about how and why so many traditional projects fail, the Agile Manifesto and the methodologies that emerged around it, and why so many teams continue to struggle in spite of best efforts to adopt these new methodologies.


Many thanks to all of you who are already participating in The RSpec Book beta program and making so many great suggestions. Your contribution to this process is invaluable for the book and all of its readers.