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rspec-2.12 is released

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rspec-2.12 is a minor release (per SemVer), which includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes. It is fully backward compatible with previous rspec-2 releases and is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Thanks to all who contributed. Special thanks to Myron Marston and Andy Lindeman for their personal contributions to the code as well as a great job shepherding pull requests from several new contributors.

UPDATE: If you’re an rspec/rails/capybara user, be sure to read Andy Lindeman’s blog post on Capybara-2.0 and rspec-rails.



Cucumber features

Release notes


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  • Add support for custom ordering strategies for groups and examples. (Myron Marston)
  • JSON Formatter (Alex Chaffee)
  • Refactor rake task internals (Sam Phippen)
  • Refactor HtmlFormatter (Pete Hodgson)
  • Autotest supports a path to Ruby that contains spaces (dsisnero)
  • Provide a helpful warning when a shared example group is redefined. (Mark Burns).
  • --default_path can be specified as --default-path. --line_number can be specified as --line-number. Hyphens are more idiomatic command line argument separators (Sam Phippen).
  • A more useful error message is shown when an invalid command line option is used (Jordi Polo).
  • Add format_docstrings { |str| } config option. It can be used to apply formatting rules to example group and example docstrings. (Alex Tan)
  • Add support for an .rspec-local options file. This is intended to allow individual developers to set options in a git-ignored file that override the common project options in .rspec. (Sam Phippen)
  • Support for mocha 0.13.0. (Andy Lindeman)

Bug fixes

  • Remove override of ExampleGroup#ancestors. This is a core ruby method that RSpec shouldn’t override. Instead, define ExampleGroup#parent_groups. (Myron Marston)
  • Limit monkey patching of shared example/context declaration methods (shared_examples_for, etc.) to just the objects that need it rather than every object in the system (Myron Marston).
  • Fix Metadata#fetch to support computed values (Sam Goldman).
  • Named subject can now be referred to from within subject block in a nested group (tomykaira).
  • Fix fail_fast so that it properly exits when an error occurs in a before(:all) hook (Bradley Schaefer).
  • Make the order spec files are loaded consistent, regardless of the order of the files returned by the OS or the order passed at the command line (Jo Liss and Sam Phippen).
  • Ensure instance variables from before(:all) are always exposed from after(:all), even if an error occurs in before(:all) (Sam Phippen).
  • rspec --init no longer generates an incorrect warning about --configure being deprecated (Sam Phippen).
  • Fix pluralization of 1 seconds (Odin Dutton)
  • Fix ANSICON url (Jarmo Pertman)
  • Use dup of Time so reporting isn’t clobbered by examples that modify Time without properly restoring it. (David Chelimsky)


  • share_as is no longer needed. shared_context and/or RSpec::SharedContext provide better mechanisms (Sam Phippen).
  • Deprecate RSpec.configuration with a block (use RSpec.configure).


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  • Colorize diffs if the --color option is configured. (Alex Coplan)
  • Include backtraces in unexpected errors handled by raise_error matcher (Myron Marston)
  • Print a warning when users accidentally pass a non-string argument as an expectation message (Sam Phippen)
  • =~ and match_array matchers output a more useful error message when the actual value is not an array (or an object that responds to #to_ary) (Sam Phippen)

Bug fixes

  • Fix include matcher so that expect({}).to include(:a => nil) fails as it should (Sam Phippen).
  • Fix be_an_instance_of matcher so that Class#to_s is used in the description rather than Class#inspect, since some classes (like ActiveRecord::Base) define a long, verbose #inspect. (Tom Stuart)


full changelog


  • and_raise can accept an exception class and message, more closely matching Kernel#raise (e.g., foo.stub(:bar).and_raise(RuntimeError, "message")) (Bas Vodde)
  • Add and_call_original, which will delegate the message to the original method (Myron Marston).


  • Add deprecation warning when using and_return with should_not_receive (Neha Kumari)


full changelog


  • Support validation contexts when using #errors_on (Woody Peterson)
  • Include RequestExampleGroup in groups in spec/api

Bug fixes

  • Add should and should_not to CollectionProxy (Rails 3.1+) and AssociationProxy (Rails 3.0). (Myron Marston)
  • controller.controller_path is set correctly for view specs in Rails 3.1+. (Andy Lindeman)
  • Generated specs support module namespacing (e.g., in a Rails engine). (Andy Lindeman)
  • render properly infers the view to be rendered in Rails 3.0 and 3.1 (John Firebaugh)
  • AutoTest mappings involving config/ work correctly (Brent J. Nordquist)
  • Failures message for be_new_record are more useful (Andy Lindeman)