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rspec-1.3.2 and rspec-rails-1.3.4 are released!

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rspec-1.3.2 and rspec-rails-1.3.4 have been released!

This is primarily a bug-fix release of the rspec-1.x series, and is recommended for all users who have not yet upgraded to rspec-2.

rspec-rails-1.3 users will need to upgrade to rspec-rails-1.3.4, which depends on rspec ~> 1.3.2 (meaning 1.3.2 and up, but not 2.0).

rspec 1.3.2

  • Enhancements
  • Raise a meaningful error when an argument-scoped stub is called with the wrong args (Alexey)
  • Dev: ignore .rbc files (Myron Marston)

  • Bug fixes

  • Fix regression in which an expectation should return the value from a previously defined stub of the same method (Tom Stuart)
  • Support heckling class methods (Dan Kubb)
  • Only try to pass messages to the superclass if the superclass responds to the method (Andrew Selder)

rspec-rails-1.3.4 is released!

rspec-rails 1.3.4

  • No new code
  • Depends on rspec ~> 1.3.2
  • rspec-rails 1.3.3 depended on rspec-1.3.1 explicitly, so this release allows you to upgrade to rspec-1.3.2 with rspec-rails.