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cucumbers creating cucumbers

I’m preparing to present a practical demonstration of rspec, cucumber and friends at Rails Summit Latin America this Thursday.

I was playing with the idea of using cucumber/rspec to drive the development of a cucumber browser/editor, but I’ve decided that it ends up being a bit too meta for a conference presentation.

Of course, nothing is too meta for a blog post, and clearly I’ve already procrastinated a great deal if it’s just a few days before and I’m still prototyping the app, so why not take some more time away from what I should be doing and post this sillyness?

And with that … enjoy!

Feature: create feature

So that I can easily create new feature
As a stakeholder
I want to create a feature in a browser

Scenario: create feature
  When I create a new feature named "Eat Cheese"
  And I give "Eat Cheese" the narrative:
    So that I can be happy
    As a cheese-loving person
    I want to eat cheese
  And I add a scenario to "Eat Cheese" named "roquefort"
  And I add a step to "roquefort" with "Given I am holding my nose"
  And I add a step to "roquefort" with "When I eat a hunk o' roquefort"
  And I add a step to "roquefort" with "Then I should smile at its deliciousness"

  And I save and run the "roquefort" scenario

  Then I should see "3 steps pending"
  And I should see:
    You can use these snippets to implement pending steps:

    Given /^I am holding my nose$/ do

    When /^I eat a hunk o' roquefort$/ do

    Then /^I should smile at its deliciousness$/ do

DISCLAIMER: This also assumes some support for multi-line steps that has not yet been implemented and may not be supported as depicted here. So please don’t try this at home.