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Advanced Rails Recipes

I’m pleased to announce that my contribution to Mike Clark’s new Advanced Rails Recipes book has been accepted and released. The book is available right now as a Beta PDF and includes dozens of delicious and nutritious recipes for enhancing your Rails applications and the process of developing them.

This is my first formal publication in the software world [1], and I couldn’t be more pleased than to have it be a Pragmatic Bookshelf [2] publication.

My recipe is entitled Describing Behaviour from the Outside-In With RSpec and it demonstrates the BDD approach to Rails apps starting with the view and working your way down to the controllers, models and database.

There is currently one other BDD recipe: Getting Started with BDD, which uses shoulda. There are also recipes for cooking up mocks, code coverage and html validity. And that’s just the testing related recipes.

There are also dozens of recipes dealing with UI, search, email, console, REST, db enhancements and even more general design improvements.

Like the first Rails Recipes book, this one is a must-have for any serious Rails developer who wants to take it up a notch in creating great web applications with Rails.

[1] My first publication of any kind was back around 1980 when I was a young professional magician. The book is called, simply, Coin Magic, and is a must have for any serious coin magician who wants to take it up a notch (see a trend here?) in presenting awesome feats of magic with ordinary coins. Back then I went by my first and middle name, David Arthur.

[2] The Pragmatic Programmers are also publishing my upcoming book with co-author Aslak Helles√ły, tentatively entitled Behaviour Driven Development in Ruby with RSpec.