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rspec-2.3.0 is released!

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rspec-core-2.3.0 / 2010-12-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • tell autotest to use “rspec2” if it sees a .rspec file in the project’s root directory
      • replaces the need for ./autotest/discover.rb, which will not work with all versions of ZenTest and/or autotest
    • config.expect_with
      • :rspec # => rspec/expectations
      • :stdlib # => test/unit/assertions
      • :rspec, :stdlib # => both
  • Bug fixes

    • fix dev Gemfile to work on non-mac-os machines (Lake Denman)
    • ensure explicit subject is only eval’d once (Laszlo Bacsi)

rspec-expectations-2.3.0 / 2010-12-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements
    • diff strings when include matcher fails (Mike Sassak)

rspec-mocks-2.3.0 / 2010-12-12

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix our Marshal extension so that it does not interfere with objects that have their own @mock_proxy instance variable. (Myron Marston)

rspec-rails-2.3.0 / 2010-12-12

full changelog

  • Changes
    • Generator no longer generates autotest/autodiscover.rb, as it is no longer needed (as of rspec-core-2.3.0)