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RSpec-2.0.0.rc is released!

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See http://blog.davidchelimsky.net/2010/07/01/rspec-2-documentation for links to all sorts of documentation on rspec-2.

Plan is to release rspec-2.0.0 (final) within the next week, so please install, upgrade, etc, and report issues to:





Many thinks to all of the contributors who got us here!

rspec-core-2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • implicitly require unknown formatters so you don’t have to require the file explicitly on the commmand line (Michael Grosser)
    • add —out/-o option to assign output target
    • added fail_fast configuration option to abort on first failure
    • support a Hash subject (its([:key]) { should == value }) (Josep M. Bach)
  • Bug fixes

    • Explicitly require rspec version to fix broken rdoc task (Hans de Graaff)
    • Ignore backtrace lines that come from other languages, like Java or Javascript (Charles Lowell)
    • Rake task now does what is expected when setting (or not setting) fail_on_error and verbose
    • Fix bug in which before/after(:all) hooks were running on excluded nested groups (Myron Marston)
    • Fix before(:all) error handling so that it fails examples in nested groups, too (Myron Marston)

rspec-expectations-2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • require ‘rspec/expectations’ in a T::U or MiniUnit suite (Josep M. Bach)
  • Bug fixes

    • change by 0 passes/fails correctly (Len Smith)
    • Add description to satisfy matcher

rspec-mocks-2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • support passing a block to an expecttation block (Nicolas Braem)
      • obj.should_receive(:msg) {|█| … }
  • Bug fixes

    • Fix YAML serialization of stub (Myron Marston)
    • Fix rdoc rake task (Hans de Graaff)

rspec-rails-2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements
    • add —webrat-matchers flag to scaffold generator (for view specs)
    • separate ActiveModel and ActiveRecord APIs in mock_model and stub_model
    • ControllerExampleGroup uses controller as the implicit subject by default (Paul Rosania)