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Feedback on The RSpec Book (beta)

Thank you to all who are participating in The RSpec Book beta program. We’ve already gotten some good feedback, and we look forward to more as we release updates over the coming weeks.

For those of you who are reading the beta and would like to provide feedback, there are two outlets for you on the Pragmatic Programmers’ site.

The errata page is for technical errors, typos, etc. Things that don’t really require any discussion and are simple, task oriented fixes.

Although the errata page lists Suggestion as a type of errata, the system provides no opportunity for a conversation. Therefore, if you are making a comment like “I’m not sure I agree with the statement on page 37” or “you say x here and y there, which is it?”, etc, then the forum might be a better option. That way I (or any of the authors) can throw questions back at you to get a better feel for what you’d like to see and how it might help.

Of course, we’d rather have your feedback than not, so if you’re not interested in such a dialog, go ahead and stick to the one-way-street of the errata page.

Again, thanks for the feedback thus far. You’re helping to make this a better book for everyone else who will read it.