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RSpec 1.0 - belated thanks

The decision to release RSpec 1.0 happened quite spontaneously at RailsConf 2007 in Portland. I heard more than one person there say they like RSpec’s sensibilities and might use it if not for the changing API and upgrade problems, adding that they’d consider using it when it goes 1.0.

Aslak was in Portland as well, so he and I talked it over and decided that the time was right to put a stake in the ground and release RSpec-1.0. Brian Takita was there as well, and was happy to join in the effort. So the three of us sat down to close up some holes and ship it.

But the REALLY cool thing was that a few other people got wind of our plan and sat down with us to help make it all happen. Big thanks go out to Kurt Schrader, Chad Humphries, Ken Barker and Dustin Tinney for joining the three of us. It was a blast hanging out with all you guys and the effort is seriously appreciated.